What you should do if you want to land your New Job resolution in the New Year?

Well, the new year is officially here. While you may have a few things in your to-do list for 2019, most likely there is this lingering thought “what if I get a new job at an amazing company?”.

According to LinkedIn’s data – verified by our professional experience – more people successfully change jobs in January than any other month, which makes it the perfect time to find that dream job.

Just like with any other New Year’s resolution, the key to accomplishing your ambition is start working on it!

1. Do your research

To begin with, take a deep breath and start your research. Look into career paths you would like to explore, what are potential employers working on, and what does the ideal job require. Collect as much information as possible to build your future professional self. Then, ask yourself what it takes to get closer to your areas of interest and research outcomes.

2. Learn new skills

Once you have worked out what your future professional self looks like, you might identify that you lack some skills, or you could improve in some areas to land that dream job. Do not let it demotivate you! You will need to develop an action plan, which might include a course or further reading.

3. Set goals

After unwinding over the holidays, now is the perfect time to set new goals. Collect your research outcomes, get an idea where you would like to be and set your goals. Align your career aspirations with the actions towards achieving those goals. Create an actionable strategy, which may include your learning action plan and job application regime.

4. Update your CV

Having an outdated or unsuitable CV is a no go. Before starting to send out your resume, make sure that it reflects your experience and represents your professional self. Do not hesitate to reach out to a CV expert or one of RED10’s recruiters to get feedback. However, if you are always sending the same CV, your chances are decreasing. There are ways to tailor your CV to each role you apply. Find how to do it here.

5. Update your LinkedIn profile

For recruiters and employers, LinkedIn is ultimately the digital version of your paper CV. Make it work for you and use it as an advertisement to your potential employer. You can find useful tips on how to leverage your LinkedIn in your job search here.

6. Brush up on your interview skills

Job interviews are a challenge, but they are also a great opportunity to get closer to your dream job. Do not let the interview process to make you hesitant to start applying for jobs. Start working on brushing up on those interview skills early. Everyone can give a great interview with a little preparation and the right attitude. Read more on interview tips here.

7. Network, Network, Network

Put the word out there; the time has come to make that career move. Reach out to friends, old colleagues, recruitment experts, attend industry-related events, and the opportunities will become more visible.

This seasonal recruitment peak starts with people following their ambition and applying for new jobs! We are here to help you fulfil your 2019 career goals.