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There isn’t a dream job without a dream candidate. Organisations need the right people to achieve desirable outcomes, while offering fulfilling careers.  Finding the best-in-class talent to match business requirements is key for both companies and people to reach their full potential.

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Established in 2002, RED10 is a leading supplier of technology and business change professionals across multiple sectors.

RED10 has established a reputation in providing our clients and candidates with an unrivalled customer experience for sourcing high-professional candidates. Our niche and professional recruitment teams have built a global network of candidates and clients, which provides us with excellent market knowledge and ensures that we are ahead of the curve on many of the industries programmes and initiatives.


Some of our clients

Over the years, we have been working with leading companies in multiple sectors, both in the UK and abroad. It allows us to be at the heart of the IT and change industry and provide unparalleled market knowledge and service.

Steamship Mutual
World Wide Technology

The whole on-boarding process was extremely smooth, highly professional and commendably quick. From their first approach, interview and job offer I was sitting at my new desk within four weeks!

Carolyn B, Candidate

I have used RED10 for the last 8 years to help me in locating suitable contract roles and they have not let me down. RED10 are approachable and easy to deal with. I have found them to be efficient and helpful with anything to do with finances and answering general questions about the market.

Edward G, Business Analyst

RED10 sits at the heart of our flexible resourcing model. They are a trusted partner that delivered several high-quality asset management change specialists into strategic projects. Their USP is a deep knowledge of the business.

Eliot Martine, RLAM

I want to take this opportunity to thank RED 10. They have done a commendable job to find out the exact profile which I aspired for. The level of service they provide is really a class of quality and most important is its welcoming at the same time. I get responses within minutes for any query so the process and journey is really smooth. Keep rocking RED10!

AXA XL (A division of AXA Group), System/Business Analyst 

Seasoned contractor for 10+ years and have dealt with many recruiters for placement and hiring. RED10 are tentative, fast and knowledgeable about the market conditions and contractor nuisances, i.e. IR35. RED10 certainly have the contractors interests as a priority and provide sound and professional advice from engagement to placement. I look forward to continuing my long relationship with RED10.

R Hall, Programme Manager

This is my first experience with using RED10 to find a new role. RED10 was very knowledgeable about their client and the role I was applying for, and they stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process. They always made sure that I was comfortable with whatever the next steps were. I can wholeheartedly recommend their service to anyone.

John A, Candidate

I have known RED10 for seven years now and always found them to be professional, focused and responsive; they listen to your needs and as a result I can highly recommend red10 for the quality of candidate they are able to provide.

Threadneedle Investments, Mark F, Lead Business Analyst

I have been working with RED10 for almost 20 years. Their invaluable service provided me with high-quality candidates for a wide variety of roles across technology and business operations. Their deep understanding of our industry and specifically the needs and challenges we face, equip them to identify and source top-quality candidates. It’s rare to come across a firm that is so effective in understanding the diversity of needs and matching those with suitable candidates. I would have no hesitation in recommend RED10.

Paul, COO

My experience of working with RED10 was very good from the moment they first approached, throughout the interview process, securing my role and over the initial period of my employment. I really enjoyed the two-year contract RED10 secured for me and the role matched the expectations that red10 had set in my mind in terms of the overall position.


Matthew R, Programme Manager

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