3 tips recruiters would like you to know before you walked into an interview

Before going into your interview, it is most likely you will do all the usual things. You will update your CV, research the role and company, develop answers to lots of behavioural interview questions and double check what you plan to wear.

However, there are more things you could do to increase your chances. We want you to get the job as much as you do! So, you could ace your interview with these simple tips we would like you to know before you walked into it.

1. Know your hiring manager

Do your research! LinkedIn is the most straightforward way to understand more about the hiring manager, such as his experience and interests.

Also, the recruiters at RED10 work closely with several hiring managers. It always worth to have a chat with one of the recruiters before stepping into an interview to understand more about the interviewer’s style and expectations.

2. Find a connection

Finding that common interest to chat about before getting down to business will put both of you at ease. It doesn’t have to be big – just a commonality that will get your foot in the door and start your conversation out on a “this-just-might-work” kind of vibe.

3. There is only one chance for a first good impression

Show up on time! Being punctual at your job is a given, and you don’t want your interviewer to question it before you even speak.

You will probably expect that the interviewer will make the first move when it comes to introductions. However, don’t be afraid to extend your hand first for that introductory handshake. With just that small gesture, you are conveying that you are excited to be there, ready to jump into your interview with confidence.

Also, your appearance probably won’t be the basis of the interviewer’s final decision, but it could certainly play a part in how you are first perceived. You should make sure you come up as a professional and well put-together.

These tips alone may not win you the job. However, they can certainly get you a little closer to your dream job. When you start your interview out on the right foot, you will be able to face the tough questions with confidence.