How to use your summer break to inspire a career change?

There is a peak in hiring activity in September, marked as the time of change. 50% of UK workers are more likely to look for a new job immediately after the summer holidays.

This could be down to the shift from drinking cocktails to attending meetings. Whatever the case may be, summer holidays above all give you the time to reflect. Thus, this time should be used wisely to inspire and help you achieve your career objectives.

1. Break the routine

One of the main purposes of the summer holidays is to take a break from the usual. It helps to decrease the effect of stress and the likelihood of burnout, which ultimately will improve effectiveness. You have the time to concentrate on yourself, friends and family while doing activities you enjoy.

2. Re-evaluate your sense of purpose

Regardless if you enjoy staying at home, refuse to move from a sunbed, or you are an avid sightseer; holidays give you time to re-evaluate your level of enjoyment and your sense of purpose.

“Do I enjoy what I am doing?”, “Am I on the path I want to be?”, “Do I need a change?”, “Am I learning as much as I would like to?” Those are questions that tend to pop into your mind when you have free time and try to relax! Don’t push those thoughts away; embrace them to help you re-think your career goals.


3. Explore your options

This is a good time to speak with people you always had the curiosity to find out more about what they do, catch up with your connections or search different career options. It is always ideal not to have all of your eggs in the same basket.


4. Get re-charged and motivated

Don’t forget the resolutions you made on the sunbed! Make sure you write them down, potentially discuss them with people you trust and start working towards making them a reality. Even if you decided that you are happy with your current job, a fresh and motivated start is never a bad idea. However, if you made up your mind that it is time for a change, then do it now.