5 ways to use your post-holiday blues to boost your career

After unwinding on holiday, it is difficult to stay motivated when returning to work and it might even feel like you have never been away. Statistics show that 57% of Brits feel depressed or deflated after coming home.

On the other hand, post-holiday blues can be used to your advantage. We are laying out ways you can leverage the post-holiday blues and boost your career.

1. Throw yourself straight back into it

Procrastinating and delaying work will make it 10 times harder than throwing yourself into the deep end. The first days might be more difficult. Start gently, but don’t start to slack. Prioritise your workload depending on importance and urgency.

2. Set some catch-up time with colleagues upon your return

Boost your motivation by catching up with colleagues to ensure that you have all the information you need to get back to full speed. Make sure you are aware of any projects and deadline changes. This will help you feel more at ease and in the loop, taking the weight off your shoulders.

3. Set yourself new goals

While you are on holidays or immediately after, set new goals both on a professional and personal level. Re-think your career aspirations and direct your actions towards achieving them. If you are considering changing your job, learning a new skill, or starting a new hobby, do not delay it any further.

4. Stay positive minded

Taking care of yourself and staying positive are fundamental factors of success. After a break, your routine is disrupted. Do not delay getting back into an improved routine. It will support your energy, mood and motivation levels when returning to work.

5. Plan something to look forward to

To get over the hump of returning to work post-holiday, plan something to look forward. This could be your next holiday, doing an activity or meeting with a friend. It will keep you motivated and encourage you to look forward to the future.