7 Tips On How To Find That Dream Role

Finding your dream job isn’t that easy – if it was then everyone would be doing it. However, it’s definitely possible with a little focus, determination and some smart decision-making.

Tip 1: Do you really know what you want?

Take some time to get to know you and the kind of role that would really suit you, as opposed to the job you think you want. What are your values, what kind of work-life balance would benefit you and how do you perform best? Half the battle to finding the dream role is identifying the right one.

Tip 2: Research it to death

Make sure that you know everything about the role that you’re thinking of going for, both to ensure it really is what you want and so that you’re not going to be surprised or caught out at interview. Widen out your research to include the sector and all the competitors within it for a truly 360-degree perspective.

Tip 3: Be CV-ready at all times

Letting your CV lapse is easy to do but it can mean that you lose time when that dream role suddenly appears. It’s a good idea to regularly review your CV, perhaps every quarter, to see if anything needs to change. As well as updating any inaccuracies, look at whether there’s anything you can add from recent extracurricular activities or achievements too.

Tip 4: Create a supporting profile

When you apply for a dream job your CV and interview will be crucial but you can create a lot of supportive context around them that can help give you a better shot at the role. For example, do your social media accounts project a professional image that expands on what an asset you’d be to the business and is your LinkedIn page up to date?

Tip 5: What is your USP?

Before you go anywhere near an application it’s always worth sitting down and working out what your unique selling points are. What makes you different, why are you a contender and what can you bring to a role that others can’t?

Tip 6: Think about your deal breakers

If you’re really convinced this role is for you would you take a cut in salary to do it? Before you start the process of finding a dream job work out where your boundaries lie and what it would need to offer to make you jump.

Tip 7: Don’t give up

Even if you get turned down for the job you think was your dream role, the real opportunity could be just around the corner.