Why is Asset Management a good career choice?

Asset management is a highly respected career choice but it doesn’t always have the same profile as other finance careers. However, if you’re looking for an exciting combination of opportunity, challenge and global perspectives it could be the perfect career choice for you.

Asset management puts you at the heart of global events

Some finance careers can feel stuffy and shut off while others give you a sense of being totally disconnected from the world in which you live. That’s not the case with asset management, which is a career that places you at the epicentre of global events. As a result, every day is different and global news directly impact your working week.

There are lots of opportunities

Asset management is a hot area for hiring right now with big names such as Deutschebank, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley all looking to increase team numbers. If you’re seeking a career that will take you overseas then asset management has so much to offer – financial is a global market now and in asset management, you’ll get to see a lot of it.

The pay is enticing

Ok, so perhaps compared to jobs in investment banks, asset management didn’t fare that well once upon a time. However, that’s not the case anymore as asset management pay is rising. And while banks face limitations on pay, asset management firms don’t and so many of those looking for a larger salary and better benefits have made the jump across to asset management already.

The career is broad and interesting

If you’re working in asset management then you won’t end up being limited to one niche area of expertise like you might be working for an investment bank. Although there is the opportunity to work closely with clients in a specific sector, asset management always requires the broad perspective too. This ensures that you never get bored and also that the range of roles you could move on to is always going to be pretty diverse.

It’s a great job for some social responsibility

Although many people overlook this aspect of asset management, it does also have a social purpose that an investment bank role may not offer. Saving is crucial for the future of individuals and for society as a whole – asset management plays a key role in ensuring that there are investment products to enable this and that they perform well.