What to consider when recruiting technology talent

The ever-developing world of technology and digital transformation has been a rapidly growing place in the last few years, and with it the need for technology talent too. Being drastically spurred on by the pandemic, the need for certain specialisms such as data analysts to understand the COVID-19 figures, cloud-based professionals to help businesses navigate cloud platforms, as well as cybersecurity experts to help protect companies from potential cyber-attacks.

These roles all saw a huge rise in demand and still see a huge number of roles and applicants. However, businesses are now understanding that some form of remote working is here to stay. We are now noticing a move towards better long-term digital and technological strategy for recruiting tech talent.

Here are 5 things to consider when recruiting your technology talent.


Don’t just plan for tomorrow, plan for next year.

When looking for the right candidate make sure you are thinking about your long-term strategy and goals. You should be looking for talent to work on actualising lasting technology strategies.


Have an agile recruitment and onboarding process.

With most of the country moving into lockdown last March, the vast majority of employees were forced to work from home where possible. This meant that onboarding processes too had to be done remotely, something that was previously uncommon. Making sure you have an agile process in place for onboarding staff without seeing them face-to-face is vital in your current and future recruitment process.


Is geographical location still relevant?

The move to remote working bought with it an eye-opening realisation for many businesses. If staff didn’t need to come to the office, it would be possible to hire employees who are right for the job but would previously have been discounted due to their location.

Remote and flexible working makes it more possible to hire staff many miles away and even in different countries or time zones, looking further afield may also widen and improve the quality of the potential candidates you are sourcing from.


Include technology adoption in your search/questions.

Moving from office working to home working was a great opportunity to get staff learning and utilising programmes and systems they may have been previously cautious to try. Asking your candidates what challenges they faced and how they overcame them when they started working from home may give you a better idea as to how adaptable they are to change.


Don’t forget to go back, reflect and adjust.

When creating your strategy for recruitment it’s important to reflect on what you have done in the past and make sure that your processes are as efficient as possible.

This reflect and adjust strategy should also be applied to your technological transformation within the business, making sure you have robust systems is also going to be important as your business develops.

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