4 Questions answered by James Tobin on cloud technology recruitment, on-demand roles and skills and the return to the office.

James Tobin, Head of Asset Management Practice at RED10, focuses on roles across the full tech functional skillset within the industry. As an established professional with years of experience, he is answering 4 valuable questions about cloud technology recruitment, on-demand roles and skills and the return to the office in Asset Management.


1. What is the most popular Cloud Technology you are recruiting for right now?

Most, if not all, of the buy-side software house clients I work with that offer portfolio, execution, order management products have now developed successful SaaS versions with a number of on-going implementations live across the industry.


2. What are the on-demand roles in Asset Management over the last months?

Off the back of most of the buy-side software houses in London looking to further develop their front office IT solutions, many have strengthened their in-house development teams across Quant Dev, Full Stack C# & UI.


3. What skills do you think we will clients requesting the most over the coming months?

I foresee continued growth in the development space and a number of clients looking to strengthen their technical implementation teams utilising their FIX skills.


4. How do you see the return to the office for change roles in Asset Management?

Almost all of the clients I speak with week-to-week are looking to adopt a staggered return team by team with the long term plan being a day, possibly two from home, especially in these more technical roles. I think this will also be the case for business-facing roles but dependant on how critical day to day stakeholder engagement is on a role by role basis.