Asset Management Compliance: What are the main challenges right now?

Compliance is referring to a set of legal standards and policies by either the internal management or by external legal or regulatory authorities, which brings multi-layered complexities for organisations to meet and maintain the credibility of their operations.

Working with Asset Management companies since 2003, we understand our clients’ challenges, and their resourcing needs to find suitable professionals who can help them meet ever-changing Compliance standards. Predominately we have been working to source for Compliance Rule/ Investment Guidelines Coder roles and more recently moved into the Compliance Analysis covering the front to back office, to cover the whole Compliance arena and provide a holistic service to our clients.

With a well-rounded view of the Asset Management Compliance space, we are sharing the main challenges organisations face in the journey of gaining compliance.



1. Changing Compliance Standards

One of the biggest hurdles for compliance is the forever changing demand to stay compliant and up to date with new regulations, either in the UK or globally.  Companies need to re-evaluate their quality standards constantly, and without a regular policy review compliance is hard to achieve.


2. Insufficient Data Capturing

There is a challenge to be compliant and meet regulations without sufficient systems to record and track workflows. There is a balance for organisations to achieve; capture data and produce actionable reporting in a meaningful way to assess compliance practices, enhance operational efficiency and increase return on investment.

Insufficient data recording could be damaging to the business if operations detract from industry standards and potentially waste useful data.


3. Unreliable Database Systems

Reliable database systems to store data and document workflows is a starting point for an organisation to be compliant. Companies with unreliable databases expose their data to security breaches and miss the chance of achieving their targets.


4. Defective Processes

Consistent protocols, processes and compliance reporting standards could be challenging for multinational organisations. Processes that keep records updated to run regular audits and improve transparency could help operational efficiency and attainable compliance standards.



Organisations are nothing without their people. Therefore, without skilled professionals, Asset Management organisations face bigger challenges in this ever-changing compliance environment to design, implement and monitor standards. Find out more information by getting in touch with James Tobin, RED10’s Head of Asset Management Practice, who has extensive experience in partnering with organisations to source Compliance experts in order to meet their standards.