4 Questions with Rakim Young, RED10’s Account Manager

Rakim Young, RED10’s Account Manager, is sharing in an insightful interview, his thoughts in regard to the impacts of COVID-19 to the recruitment and insurance industries, as well as where there are potentials and opportunities.

1. What are the areas you are specialising?

I have over 7 years recruitment experience and have a proven track record of placing the best talent within various operational teams.

RED10 have recently set up an operations focused team, where I am the lead contact. I have been successful in sourcing various Claims professionals for vacancies across our client portfolio. In recent months, we have made several successful placements within our clients Claims teams in roles covering Adjusters, Technicians, & Analysts.

We are also working with clients to help them within their Underwriting teams and Operational areas. We have successfully created a desk for operational focused roles including Claims and Underwriting, here at Red10. This has become my specialist area of expertise.


2. What are the challenges you are currently seeing in the insurance industry?

Due to COVID-19, there were severe project budget reductions. Therefore, some clients felt initially reluctant to onboard new hires with their Business Continuity Plans in action. For some, there have been challenges to onboard new hires remotely, and utilise their online platforms.

We have closely supported our clients’ remote hiring process. Now we are seeing more confidence in hiring remotely and onboarding new candidates.


3. What do you hear would be the “new normal” in the market?

Various conversations are happening with clients and market leaders now, with safety as the priority.

The “new normal” will certainly include shifted working practices, with higher flexibility and evaluation of office spaces. Many clients are looking into reducing their operating costs, with smaller offices in less central locations.

In terms of the “new normal” in recruitment. Recruiters will work closer with hiring managers and be more involved in the onboarding process, which we will see happening remotely more often, with the aim to improve efficiency.


4. What are the trends you think we should be expecting?

With Business Continuity Plans being tested, companies will invest more in their capabilities to work remotely.

I anticipate the claims market will be buoyant over the next few months, with highest demand for claims in D/O and Cyber Liability.