A talk with Liam McCrory on technology hiring trends and expectations.

The shift into the need for more technology and digital experts over the last year is inevitable, with companies bringing digital transformation and innovation at the forefront. Liam McCrory, RED10’s Technical Recruitment Lead, discusses trends he sees in the technology and digital sectors, expectations, and how RED10 responds to the heightened demands.


What are the hiring trends you currently see in the technology sector?

Hiring trends in the Technology sector change monthly. Programming expertise across C#.NET and Java are always highly sought after, however the main trend that I am seeing are clients pushing more towards Data needs. Python and R are becoming the most used languages in the majority of companies I am working with, and they are also building out reputable Data Teams (Engineer’s and Scientist’s).


What skills will be in demand over the next year?

During 2022, Python will be the skill that is most in demand. Obviously, this does change on a client to client basis but from what I am hearing and seeing, candidates are now learning Python even as a secondary language because of how big it is becoming.


What is a piece of advice you would give to a candidate currently looking for a role in the technology space?

Firstly, reach out to me… In all seriousness, the technology space has more demand than it can handle. This is a candidate’s market and if you are seriously looking for a new position or even looking to step into technology for the first time, the world truly is your oyster.


How RED10’s services are responding to software development resourcing demands?

Our expertise across technology enables us to help clients with their different needs on a daily basis. We have recently started a technology function at RED10 which has a combined 12 years of experience delivering technology professionals to well-known digital and e-commerce companies. Also, we are making tech placements across other sectors, including insurance, consultancy, asset management, AI, and media.

As a team, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect candidates for the company.