Hiring Trends in Technology & Digital sectors. By Liam McCrory

The shift for the need for more technology and digital experts over the last year is inevitable, with companies bringing digital transformation and innovation to the forefront. Liam McCrory, RED10’s Technical Recruitment Lead, discusses trends he sees in the technology and digital sectors, expectations, and how RED10 responds to the heightened demands.


What is your assessment of Q1 across the Technology division of RED10?

Q1 has seen continued hiring demands across clients, specifically for contracts (both inside and outside IR35). Clients who had low hiring demand throughout 2021 have increased their resource requirements significantly both in the UK & US. RED10 has also had great success in agreeing on terms with several new clients and making multiple placements across their office locations across the EU.


What skills or trends have you seen in early 2022?

Throughout 2022, we have seen a significant increase in clients seeking candidates with various technologies, including cloud (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure), Front & Back-end development covering JavaScript, Node, React, Angular, etc. DevOps and Site Reliability are two area’s where if you have expertise, you are highly sought after.

We have also seen a sharp rise in network security engineering requirements with experience with Bot Security protections, DNS Services, Proxy’s amongst many more. It’s been refreshing that clients have been flexible with where candidates are based, opening up our capability to find candidates based in different parts of the world, including the US, EU and the UK.


What is a piece of advice you would give to a candidate currently looking for a role in the technology space?

With recruiters now utilising LinkedIn now more than ever before for candidate sourcing, your profile must be up to date with a good overview of your latest role and technologies you have previously and currently using. Your profile should reflect your CV which should also be kept up to date ready for when it’s needed – with some clients looking to interview and make job offers within 24-48hrs, not having your CV ready to be put forward for review can in some instances, mean missing out on the opportunity.


How can RED10’s services help with any of your technology-focused hiring demands?

Our expertise enables us to deliver consistent results to our clients and candidates, both for permanent and contract positions. We cover a broad range of specialism within the technology space, including developers, API technologies, architecture, Change professionals, cloud, CRM, eCommerce, testing and more. Our proven delivery model often results in us forming long-term partnerships with our clients, and in many cases, we are viewed as the preferred resource provider when matching business requirements with the best talent.