5 factors to consider before accepting a job

When searching for a new job you often spend countless days researching your options, applying for roles, and having interviews; usually followed by a lengthy wait for a response. When you finally get a reply, there is a tendency to jump and accept the first offer without properly considering it.

Just because you have an offer, it doesn’t mean you’re obliged to accept it. Take a step back; think how this offer can benefit you and your career by considering the following factors.

1. If the job itself doesn’t feel right, then it’s not

The job title is not everything. It is vital to know in more detail what is expected of you and what your responsibilities include. With this information, you can assess whether your skills will be utilised effectively and see the areas you would need to develop. Then, you should ask yourself if it sounds interesting and challenging enough for you. Be honest!


2. Money isn’t everything

The salary is often a key decider of whether to accept a job offer. However, you cannot solely rely on the financial package to decide if the job is right for you. Money alone cannot make your job fulfilling. You should consider other benefits and perks the company might offer, such as the bonus, pension and life insurance, and if the job itself fits with your career aspirations, lifestyle and values.


3. Work-life balance is important

Will you be able to have enough time for yourself, family and friends? Would you have time for your hobbies and interests? Those are important questions to ask yourself when you have a clearer view of your responsibilities and expected working hours. You’ll need to consider whether the role will allow you enough time to enjoy your social life and fit with your lifestyle expectations and commitments.


4. Do you fit with the culture?

You spend most of your day at work; you’ll want to work in a company with similar values as you. For example, you might not enjoy working for a company with strict corporate culture, if you enjoy working in companies that are more vibrant and flexible. Do your research on the culture of the company and consider if you see yourself working in that environment. If you get the chance, visit the office premises and meet your co-workers.


5. Think about your prospects

When accepting a job offer, you should look for a role that will enable you to grow. You need to think about how this job will impact your long-term career and if it matches your professional aspirations. Consider your progression and growth in the company and sector you are joining, both on a professional and personal level.