4 strategies to better allow you to switch off from technology

Over this lockdown period, it is easy to be more attached to both our phones and laptops than ever before, while we spend more time at home, restricted in our normal daily lives.

Technology can have a positive impact by making things more accessible and convenient, it is also equally as important to spend time away from technology to allow space for relaxation, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Here are 4 strategies to help you switch off from technology.

1. Technology replacement

It might sound obvious, but sometimes it might get challenging to stop using technology for a while mindfully. We would encourage to set some “free time” and get involved in activities that allow your mind to wander and think creatively.

2. Don’t walk and text

This is a frustration most of us face when walking down the street as people bump into us because their faces were buried in their device. However, at the same time, we are all guilty of doing this. Due to the lockdown, most of us take daily walks or outdoor exercise, set yourself a personal goal of leaving your phone at home during this activity.

3. Switch off notifications

In the contemporary struggle for concentration, it feels like notifications constantly demand our attention, which could get exhausting. By turning off push notifications, you are in control of your phone versus the other way around which is proved vital to maintain mental health. We are suggesting to go to your settings and manually turn off notification from social media and apps, leaving only DM alerts and texts.

4. Talk to your friends

Have you ever witnessed a group of people sitting together and all being on their phones? A strong network of friends and family members is an enormous buffer against stress. When you have people you can count on, life’s pressures don’t seem as overwhelming. Therefore, set your time with friends and family as a priority, and limit the use of any devices while being with them. Suggesting this to your friends and family may also benefit them.